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Here at United Roofing Pros, we carry a wide range of products for residential and commercial roofing made by industry behemoth– TAMKO Building Products. This company, roots date back decades to their humble beginnings in Joplin, Missouri and they still provide top-quality products and amazing customer satisfaction today.  Since TAMKO owns and operates several raw materials plants of their own, they control their manufacturing process 100% on all of their products– the results are all-around consistent quality and durability on all of TAMKO’s roofing supplies.

Tamko Heritage Wood Roof Tulsa OK

TAMKO Roofing Options for Oklahoma City

TAMKO products recognized throughout the roofing industry for their leading product offerings products which are durable and always reliable. TAMKO produces various lines of roofing products and accessories for residential and commercial applications here in  Oklahoma City: shingles, cements and coatings, metal, QuickVent ventilation, and Synthetic Guard notwithstanding. If appearance is something that matters to you (which is it does to most people) TAMKO is a brand to consider. They provide a variety of aesthetic options like bold shingle colors and modern shingle styles. Their products are a great option for those looking to add beauty and elegance to their home but insist upon a lifetime of durability too.

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Tamko Woodgate Antique Roofing Shingle

Recommended TAMKO Products For The Oklahoma City Area

Living in Oklahoma City is amazing but the weather necessitates durable roofing products to match our wet weather challenges but still have a warm midwest feel. For this, we recommend the TAMKO Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles containing classic styles and colorings to suit any Oklahoma City look and stand up to any humid weather it is likely to endure.  But these shingles are more than just beautiful–they have a hallmark for durability and come with a noteworthy warranty too. For a homeowner, there is no such thing as too much peace of mind when it comes to your roof–and TAMKO products provide just that. When you get premium TAMKO products installed by a professional roofing contractor, like United Roofing Pros, you will always get some of the most beautiful, durable roofing that money can buy.

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How to Read Your Roof

TAMKO Roofing For Oklahoma City

TAMKO is one of the nation’s most prolific roofing manufacturers, committed from their inception to creating durable roofing products for strong but stunning home roofs.  They believe in and manufacture roofing that doesn’t just protect homes but enhance a home’ s design. TAMKO’s extensive catalog of building products is what sets them apart well apart and also the reason their products truly add instant curb appeal to any home in the Oklahoma City area.

TAMAKO For Stand Out Roofing In Oklahoma City

TAMKO’s beautiful shingle colors are made using a proprietary mixture of materials, pigments, granules. All TAMKO Laminated Asphalt Shingles have this distinctive and breathtaking granule mix, which make for many different unique color drop and shadow-tone offerings.  These notably vibrant color blends are unique to TAMAKO’s lines of roofing–just another reason to consider using them on your Oklahoma City home. You will fall in love with the one-of-a-kind colors, deep tones and distinct textures, which, when applied, will showcase the tonality of your roof. When you want to a striking roof to reflect your personal style– chose TAMAKO’s distinctive granule mix shingles.

Tamko Vintage Charcoal Shingle

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If you live in Oklahoma City or any of the surrounding areas, call or contact United Roofing Pros to discuss how TAMKO products will both durability and dimensionality to your Oklahoma City home’s roof.  We are happy to come to your home or commercial job site and provide a free estimate on your imminent roofing project. Our experienced roofing specialists are always happy to walk you the next steps leading up to a TAMKO product installation for your home or commercial property and/or to discuss other brands that may interest you for your Oklahoma City roofing project. 

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