Roofing Repairs In Oklahoma City

A sad fact of homeownership is eventually you will need to replace your roof but, happily, more often than not, when something is wrong with your roof, you simply need repairs.  If you promptly repair your roof–it will last longer. Put off roofing repairs and it will undoubtedly lead to needing total roofing replacement sooner. For this reason and others, it is very important to make sure you get your OKC roof regularly inspected not once, but twice a year.  We generally recommended get the roof repairs done when your reputable contractor suggests them–a good roofing contractor knows when to suggest something or put it off one more season. Here in Oklahoma City, the weather plus the constant humidity usually mean more frequent small repairs, which isn’t a bad thing since it will mean a longer life for your roof and end up causing you less in damages in the long run.

What Type of Home Roof Repair Are Most Common In Oklahoma City?

Roof repairs due to moisture are a common to fix and could be from age, extreme weather or faulty installation, so be cautious about who you hire.  A professional roofing contractor, like us here at United Roofing Pros Oklahoma City, will directly affect the life and look of your roofing investment.  Furthermore, since the weather here in Oklahoma City is so wet, one of the main drivers of home roofs repairs are related to moisture where it shouldn’t be. Common roofing repairs run from the very quick and easy to large and expensive and include–

Roof Leaks: Definitely one of the most common issues from compromised roofing, this can come from broken shingles and tile to cracked flashing.  This type of damage is usually fairly easy to fix but could require more extensive repairs to the underlying structure if left unattended.

Pooled Water On Roofs: This type of damage is cause for alarm and almost always leads to eventual leaks.  Although more common on low or flat slope roof designs it could happen on other roofing types.  While it is not uncommon, could be the fault of a contractor who did not properly apply or use flat or low slope roof solutions.

Punctures and Holes In The Roofing: Again holes almost always result in the roof leaking.  This type of damage is not good and stems from pests or an inexperienced contractor walking on the shingles of your roof or flashing.  Either way, this is something to fix in order to prevent rot.

Cracking and Blistering Of Shingles: The quality and make-up of your shingles play a huge part in whether or not your shingles crack or blister.  With quality shingles, it should only happen after many years, even decades. However, the weather is also a major factor and if you live in a high sunshine area or a frequently freezing area, shingles will simply blister and crack more often

The best part about consistent roof repairs is, it catches issues early when most of the roof problems are easy to fix.  Routine maintenance is the best way to keep something small issues and damages from turning into big, expensive deals. A roof problem will never simply go away.  So, when you ignore it–it will only get bigger. So for best results, stick to a consistent maintenance schedule and do the recommended repairs before they become a big problem.

Roof Repairs For Oklahoma City Commercial Properties

Because of the humidity in Oklahoma City commercial buildings are at much more of a risk for money loss due to roof issues than homes.  This is simply because they often have things like tenants who will suffer a loss of business and/or the potential for lost productivity or clients when problems stemming from the roof occur.  Unlike in a home setting, when leaks, cracked shingles, and punctures on roofing become a problem for Oklahoma City commercial structures–many, many people and businesses are affected. Roofing problems in commercial settings, while not more frequent, tend to have bigger implications like financial loses to more parties.  

Commercial Roofing Tends to Be Flat or Low Slope

Many commercial buildings, like apartment buildings and highrises, have a design that includes low slope or flat roofs. This automatically makes standing or pooling water a problem.  At United Roof Pros, we have years of experience in dealing with water pooling issues in commercial settings and therefore offer strong and reliable low-slope and flat roof solutions to keep troublesome water issues at bay.

Commercial Roofing Often Is Not Installed Properly

Issues with improper insulation from a roof almost always come from a contractor level.  This is an area that either is a cut-corner on the part of the contractor or a cut cost on the part of the former owner.  The good news is, roofing insulation can be added to a roof post-installation. This type of roof repair is a good idea not only to make your Oklahoma City building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer but to save you a fair amount of money in utilities too.

Flat Roof Or Low Slope Roof Repairs

Having a low slope or flat roof always means more maintenance will be required for your roof to function properly.  Happily,  there are some very powerful solutions to water pooling and ways to prevent rot on roofs: single layer membranes, modified bitumen, and built-up roofing–issues with these types of roofs are common.  These types of roofs often have pooling water and build up of snow and ice, therefore simply show more wear and tear faster. However, a problem with low or flat slope roofing doesn’t always mean you need an entirely new roof.   Repairs to flashings, seams, attachment points, an cracks are all easily done and will offer your roof a path to an extended life. But, with low or no slope roofs here in Oklahoma City getting so much moisture and rain, it is even more critical that you get full roof inspections twice a year as a hard rule.

United Roofing Pros Oklahoma City For Fast, Durable Roof Repairs

When it comes to repairs on your Oklahoma City roof a trusted contractor is a good idea thing to find.  They will help you to come up with and stick to a long-term maintenance routine.  Through documentation, pictures, and a regular relationship, you and your roofing contractor and stave off expensive replacement for longer.  Here at United Hail Pros, this is how we approach every inspection–as a gateway to a long-term partnership–with the end goal of you the customer being protected and taken care of.  Contact us today to inquire about our free consultations and pricing on everything from roof replacement to repairs.

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We understand that the process of installing new roofing can be overwhelming and you might have many questions. Roofing repair and replacement should not be a headache for the customer. We would be delighted to help you work through this process. Contact us today for a free estimate and let our dedicated team of knowledgeable Oklahoma City roofing professionals show you how seamless the roofing process can be.

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