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Owens Corning: Energy Efficient, Reliable Roofing for Oklahoma City Properties

If you’re looking for shingles for your roofing project here in Oklahoma City, look no further our time-tested brand–Owens Corning. They have an industry-leading warranty plus a complete line of roofing materials beyond simply shingles. Owens Corning is always a great choice for customers here in the Oklahoma City areas since their shingles are built to withstand the wet weather here.  Owens Corning develops, manufactures and markets everything from insulation to underlying, and fiberglass composites to shingles. All of this is aimed at providing customers with more than just a roof but an energy loss solution too. As a Fortune 500 company for 64 consecutive years, Owen’s Corning not only has lovely, durable roofing products but the noteworthy success of longevity in a highly competitive market as well.

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Owens Corning Total Protection Systems

Owens Corning’s Total Protection System should definitely be a contender for your roofing material needs.  It comes highly recommended by us here at United Roofing Pros for properties throughout the greater Oklahoma City area. It is a roofing option that employs high-tech engineering as a solution to protecting homes and commercial properties against the elements.  It features advanced waterproof barriers and breathable attic ventilation– which in Oklahoma City’s precisely notoriously humid Oklahoma climate are direly needed. Not only does this system help protect against moisture, but the underlayments also offer additional protection from rot, mold, water damage and even acts as an ice barrier for against potential freeze.

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Owens Corning Shingles: Beauty & Durability

All and all, shingles are what Owens Corning do best.  As such, their robust catalog includes plenty of options that are incredibly attractive in any of their various lines.  Their shingles are known worldwide for their combination of beauty and durability. For customers looking for a certain look in a shingle, Owens Corning is the go-to brand.  You are sure to find something you love in their extensive catalog. Whether you want a shingle for roof repairs or total replacement, Owens Corning is a choice you can trust will last you for decades to come.

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owens corning duration residential roofing shingles in Tulsa, OK

Discover the Benefits of Owens Corning Roofing for Your Oklahoma City Property

At United Roofing Pros we know that Owens Corning works well for clients on a budget and will still provide the expected durability. From roofing repairs to replacements Owens Corning shingles and roofing accessory materials provide the strength you not only want but need for your roof–but always at an affordable price. Their shingles will add depth and dimension to any home here in Oklahoma City and are also quick to install. With so many noteworthy benefits and features to Owens Corning products, it is no wonder they are consistently a customer favorite for our customers.

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owens corning duration roofing shingles tulsa

Owens Corning Total Residential Roofing System

is the whole package for residential roofing. It is more than just a stack of shingles rather, it; strategic layers of protection which seal and create a waterproof barrier.  The resulting defense is a powerful ally for your home against the toughest natural elements. While their shingles most assuredly protect, they also allow other components to breathe and while their entire systems provide proper ventilation. Here in Oklahoma City, you 100% need protection from water lock,  ice damming, wind-driven rains, and the consistent water flow, which are all part of living in muggy Oklahoma. A properly sealed roof helps prevent rot and mold and averts your Oklahoma City home’s roof from potentially expensive structural damage.

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United Roofing Pros: Your Source for Owens Corning in Oklahoma City

For more information on the affordable, durable and always diverse catalog of Owens Corning roofing options for your Oklahoma City home or commercial space, reach out to United Roofing Pros. We have a deep understanding of roofing products and the Oklahoma City terrain in which they will live.  We have decades of customers experience under our belt and proper service is something we excel in We know what our customers need/want, often before they do and are happy to walk you through our extensive product catalog, including pricing for Owens Corning. We are here to help you make the best decision for your home and one that will give you confidence for decades.  Contact us today for more information on our experience, our products, our process, or to schedule a free, onsite consult for an estimate today!

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