The Most Comprehensive Selection of Roofing Brands for Your Oklahoma City Property

United Roofing Pros is honored to provide the most comprehensive selection of roofing brands for your Oklahoma City home or business. We’ve partnered with all the best manufacturers in order to provide premier roofing systems that offer beauty, functionality, and incredible durability. Work with our team of roofing contractors to find the best option for your property.

GAF Roofing

GAF delivers high-quality, durable roofing systems that can be utilized for both homes and businesses. With one of the larger varieties of roofing products available, you’ll be able to achieve gorgeous curb appeal.

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TAMKO Roofing

With high consistency standards and control over numerous components of their manufacturing, TAMKO roofing is a great choice for any Oklahoma City home or business.

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CertainTeed Roofing

CertainTeed offers sustainable, green roofing products that are perfect for residential and commercial properties. From cap sheets to shingles, their comprehensive roofing selection can address all of your concerns.

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Owens Corning Roofing

Owns Corning offers incredible shingle options created from premium materials like fiberglass composite. Their full range of roofing systems has something for everyone.

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Atlas Roofing

Atlas roofing specializes in polysio insulation along with residential and commercial roofing systems. Great for defending your property from the harsh weather concerns, Atlas roofing is a premium option.

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Malarkey Roofing

With an expansive line of shingles, steep slove, and vegetative roof systems, Malarkey Roofing provides unique solutions for every roofing type. Gain access to their full residential and commercial line.

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PABCO Roofing

PABCO roofing is a family-owned roofing manufacturer that provides pragmatic roofing solutions for Oklahoma City homes and businesses. Enjoy incredible roofing options that improve protection and beauty.

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IKO Roofing

With some of the most advanced roofing options on the market, IKO roofing has been offering innovative roofing systems for over 60 years. This great ROI provides extensive protection for your residential or commercial property.

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BP Roofing

BP Roofing has been manufacturing premium, durable roofing systems for over 100 years. Enjoy money-saving benefits and low maintenance requirements

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Polyglass Roofing

With incredible waterproofing membranes and roofing accessories, Polyglass roofing offers revolutionary solutions that provide the ultimate defense for your Oklahoma City property.

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Tarco Roofing

With diverse roofing solutions built for homes and businesses, Tarco roofing products offer high versatility. Improve curb appeal while defending your property from the elements.

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Siplast Roofing

Siplast delivers SBS-modified bitumen waterproofing for commercial roofing systems. Enjoy full protection and peace of mind knowing your commercial property is defended.

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