Always stay on the ground–leave walking around on a roof up to the experts. Take account of what you see on your  OKC home and the ground around.

Steps For Checking Your Home Roofing for Damage

  1. Check your yard for shingles: The most common signs of roof damage (on a shingled roof) are shingles that have blown off. When shingles are missing this means the wood framing of your home is exposed. So shingles need to be replaced right away.
  2. Examine roof accessories: Soffit, fascia, and trim are all part of a roof’s structure. Damage like dents, dings, or tears in these accessories also needs to be addressed after a storm.
  3. Inspect your gutters.  Damage to gutters can affect your roof long term–downpipes especially need to stay secured.
  4. Look for leaks Inside your home–when shingles go missing they expose your home’s structure and stormwater could already be seeping in. If you see water inside your home after a storm, you more than likely have a roofing issue.

What to Do If You Find Roof Damage After a Storm in Oklahoma City

  1. Take note of any damaged spots. 
  2. Check your roof’s warranty to see what it says about repairs or replacement.
  3. Get a professional roof inspection scheduled.
  4. File a Claim
  5. Have repairs made

For more information on storm damage to roofs or to schedule an appointment for a roof inspection, contact us at United Roofing Pros in Oklahoma City today!