When you live here in Oklahoma City, you have likely experienced one of our famous hail storms. The dark clouds, the spatter of ice balls are all things you won’t forget and the damage from hail often won’t let you. Whether your car, home, or garden–usually something gets damaged when you get hit by an Oklahoma City hail storm.  The damage to cars and crops is pretty obvious but damage to your roof is not always as clear. This is because hail damage blends right in with asphalt shingles. But, with just a little hail damage education you can learn to spot hail on your roof like a pro. Read on to better understand what hail damage on a roof looks like and how serious your damage may be.

3 Signs of Hail Damage On Roofs

  1. The color of your roof: Asphalt shingles are fairly dark but they are not totally black. Meaning, hail marks that appear as random dark to black spots with no real discernible pattern are something you can spot. They mean your roof may have hail damage and you may need to make an insurance claim
  2. Missing granules on your roof: Asphalt roofs are textured and an evident and even visible texture is a sign of a healthy roof. When your roof gets hit by an Oklahoma City hail storm the texture can be knocked right off from hail ice. So, even if your Oklahoma City roof doesn’t have dark spots–it could have hail damage in the form of missing texture. This may also appear as shiny spots on your roof.
  3. Soft spots on your shingles: These telltale signs of roof hail damage are called “bruises”. They can be the same dark spots we spoke of earlier or could just appear as divots. When you touch them they will be soft to the touch–like a bruised apple. If you touch the black spots or divots and they are softer than the surrounding roof–this is a sign of hail damage.

United Roofing Pros in Oklahoma City For Roof Hail Inspections

Indeed, looking at your roof is often the first step to determine if you have hail damage, the next step should always be to call a roofing contractor for a roof inspection. Here at United Roofing Pros in Oklahoma City, we can take a look at your roof first thing after a hail storm. Contact us today if you think you have hail damage and get a roof inspection scheduled before more damage is done!